If planning an event was easy, there wouldn’t be an entire industry of professionals dedicated to doing it. Indian Bayleaf is here to help you by proving its outstanding Catering Services to all consumers to make your event the best it can be.


You can select one of the pre-designed menus, or we can plan the catering together according to your preference and wishes. Indian Bay Leaf’s chefs are into making the best authentic Indian food menus of all time. From weddings and conferences to cocktail parties and family dinners, search for the best catering services, and receive a free quote.


Our Catering Services:


Buffet Menus

We create buffet menus for various events, such as kid or student parties, and business celebration events. Our menus can be tailored to the nature of your event and the available space, even for larger groups of party-goers.


Meetings and Seminars

Indian Bay Leaf assures the consistency of flavor, quality, and taste of every dish. Our fresh and authentic cuisines, just like the Hyderabadi Biryani, represent a new trend in meeting catering.


Dinner Parties

If you wish for a more formal occasion, we do have a multicourse menu with table service. Be it a wedding or an academic celebration, a dinner that meets the customer’s satisfaction and honors the theme of the occasion is the crown of the event.